I’m Dawn Montgomery and this page is currently being updated. When I created this site, I thought I knew what it’s purpose was, to be a Sunday Supplement, 7 days a week.  Well, expectations are sometimes destined to be broken and my hopes to provide something of a cultural oasis were modified and morphed into something very different! The emphasis has recently become the business book club, thanks to Oakville Public Library and the Sprott Foundation (and if you haven’t checked that out, there are some great selections there) and to a much lesser extend, my blog.  Working for a living, an elderly and infirm dog plus a car accident have also impacted on my time.  I think life has stabilised somewhat, which will allow me more time to return to my great passions, food and wine, so please, hang in there…. and Welcome!


5 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Mary says:

    Congratulations —- looks great —- keep in touch!

  2. Daphne Purvis UK says:

    Good on ya me’duck keep on rolling on!!! love the website &Artwork as many others do.

  3. Arno Ilic says:

    Hi Dawn, not sure if you remember me, we sat at the same table at a HAPPEN event back in September (I blieve). I know you had the radio thing happening, but I have never had a chance to listen to it before. You are doing great stuff. I love this entire website.
    All the best.

  4. Dan McCurry says:

    Is you radio show on the net? I’d like to listen to it.

  5. Lou Breithaupt says:

    Loved the artwork, even from the wee screen of the iPhone.
    Keep up the Tweets… there are some real gems in there.

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